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Nature Honey from Ikaria | Honey Production & Trading - Bee Products Ikaria

Our Products {2x1}

The honey of our island was and is our basic nutritional element - "secret" and it is said to have an absolute connection and relevance to our recorded and worldwide knowledge of our longevity ...


The honey {1x1}

Bees appeared on Earth about 80 million years ago, and evolved from insect-like insects. Today over the world there are more than 20000 kinds of bees and 700 ...


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The outlets where you can buy our honey are outside of Ikaria the following ...

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with care, passion and strict specifications honey, potatoes, fresh pollen, royal jelly and propolis based on the food safety system.
Based on the purity, know-how and traditional values of our country, we produce products unique in taste and quality.
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Ikaria's Nature Honey
Production & Trading of Honey - Beekeeping Products Ikaria

The beekeeping "Ikaria's Nature Honey" is essentially the continuation of a four-generation tradition in bee care. Thus, with effort, dedication and special love to the traditional tools and knowledge that have passed from generation to generation, we have managed to develop this love and transform it into a family business.

Of course, the family term includes, besides the fourth beekeepers in generations, the young son who, following the footsteps of his father in the last year, has taken on himself a part of the bees and the younger daughter he is studying ...


Our products are distributed throughout the island as well as in various parts of Greece. However, in recent years, several exports have been successfully completed in many overseas countries.
We have a modern and well-organized workshop in which we work every day with joy and passion. We have a packing license (84SM9). 
Our workshop is visited by the public on request. You can take a tour of the area, try our products and get into the world of beekeeping.